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Why will Arcane season 2 be the last? Riot explains!



Season 2 of Arcane will arrive in the Netflix catalog in November and will mark the end of the adaptation. This was confirmed by Christian Linke, co-creator of the project, in an update video shared by the company.

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According to him, the outcome was thought of from the conception phase of this story and the character arcs evolved far beyond what they intended. Check out the full message below:

Since we started working on this project we had a very specific ending in mind. Which means Arcane’s story will be wrapped up in season two. Arcane is just the beginning of an even bigger journey about storytelling and our partnership with this incredible animation studio in Paris called Fortiche. They’ve been with Riot throughout Vi and Jinx’s journey so far. From becoming in-game champions, to appearing in cinematics, and even becoming characters in a series. Their arcs have gone even further than we originally dreamed for them, and we want to give the same treatment to more champions.

At least, Riot has made it clear that it does not intend to stop there. Arcane is just the beginning and Linke said that he is already working on the next projects in the League of Legends universe, which will cover both series and films. More news will be shared at the end of 2024.

Season 2 of Arcane had a new trailer this Tuesday (11)

“Anger must be fought with anger.” Netflix and Riot shared another trailer for season 2 of Arcane on social media and it looks like this outcome promises to be epic. Check it out below:

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