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Will Rise of the Ronin be released on PS4?



Wondering if Rise of the Ronin will be available on PS4? Here is all the necessary information on the release of this next open world game on this platform.

Rise of the Ronin has fans of Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro excited, with this PlayStation-exclusive open-world title transporting players to 19th-century Japan. This game will allow players to explore a variety of iconic locations, master deadly weapons, and fight against three factions from the Bakumatsu era.

Team Ninja aims to deliver an unforgettable experience when the game releases on PS5 later this year. However, PS4 players are wondering if they will be able to enjoy it as well.

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Here's everything you need to know about the release of Rise of the Ronin on PS4.

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Rise of the Ronin landscapeTEAM NINJA

Rise of the Ronin is one of the most anticipated releases of 2024.

Will Rise of the Ronin be released on PS4?

No, Rise of the Ronin will not launch on PS4. The developers have confirmed that Rise of the Ronin is a PS5 exclusive, meaning you'll need a PS5 to play it. Team Ninja said the game was designed for the PlayStation 5, harnessing the power of the console to deliver its most ambitious project to date.

Given that the game is open world and offers much higher visual fidelity than Nioh, it makes sense that the developers chose not to release it on PS4. This is especially true given that players will greatly benefit from an improved frame rate (fps), which will allow for a smoother gaming experience during fights against the game's regular bosses and enemies.

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Whether Rise of the Ronin will eventually make its way to Xbox Series X|S or PC remains to be seen, but for now, the action role-playing game remains a PS5 exclusive.

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