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Will Starfield be released on PS5?



Bethesda's launch of Starfield marked the studio's biggest launch, with Xbox and PC players exploring the expansive universe, but will PlayStation users be able to enjoy the game too? Here's what we know about a possible launch of the game on PS5.

Prior to Microsoft's acquisition, Bethesda's games launched on a wide range of hardware, attracting millions of players regardless of their platform of choice. Nowadays, however, falling under the Microsoft umbrella, keeping new titles exclusive to Xbox has been the main focus.

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That was exactly the case when Starfield finally hit store shelves in 2023, making waves as a console exclusive on the big green machine. But could this finally change?

Amid a series of rumors pointing to a change in Microsoft's overall strategy, Starfield has been linked to Sony hardware.

Here is everything we know about a possible release of Starfield on PS5 in the near future.


Will Starfield be released on PS5?

Although not yet confirmed by official sources, reports indicate that Starfield will indeed be coming to PS5 in the near future.

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The information comes from XboxEra, which passed on information from anonymous sources directly from Xbox, claiming that Starfield is indeed planned to launch on PS5, and in the not-so-distant future.

Starfield's Shattered Space expansion is targeting a late 2024 release, and it's after that launch that PlayStation 5 owners can expect to see a port, according to the report.

Obviously, it's still early and plans can always change during development. So don't take this information at face value just yet, although if it turns out to be true, a confirmation from Xbox shouldn't be long.

And that's everything we know about a potential release of Starfield on PS5.

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