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Will the Kingpin be absent from the MCU films? The actor explains why



Fans were pleasantly surprised by Charlie Cox’s MCU debut as Matt Murdock, but the Kingpin is not slated for a big screen appearance or cameo in Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Manand now we know why.

This revelation comes from comments made during Fan Expo Boston 2024, as reported by ComicBook. During the panel, actor Vincent D’Onofrio was asked about his possible participation in Charlie Cox’s upcoming appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), such as in the animated series Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man For example.

Fans were hoping for a fairly simple answer from the two stars of the upcoming series Daredevil: Born Again. Instead, they discovered that the situation is much more complicated than expected.

“I’m going to be transparent: You know the whole story between Marvel and Sony, right?” D’Onofrio told the crowd. “There are characters — Marvel characters invented by Marvel, written by Marvel — who are caught between Marvel and Sony. And so it takes them a long time to figure out who’s doing what.

“My character is in this kind of situation, unlike Charlie’s. So I don’t know, that’s part of the deal when it comes to playing the Kingpin.”

The situation between Marvel and Sony has long been a thorn in the side of the MCU. In the 1990s, Marvel sold the film rights to Spider-Man and several associated characters to Sony. However, Marvel retained some rights, such as animation, which is why several Marvel-produced Spider-Man series continued.

Daredevil had a similar problem, but that was apparently resolved when Disney bought Fox, which owned the film rights to Daredevil, Fantastic Four and others. However, although agreements have been made to use Spider-Man and related characters in the MCU, these film rights remain the property of Sony.

But it seems that the Kingpin, who is traditionally a sworn enemy of Daredevil, but also of Spider-Man, is still in this legal limbo. While Fox used the Kingpin for their film Daredevil in live-action, we don’t really know where the character’s rights currently lie. It’s entirely possible that Marvel could only use the Kingpin for television and animated series, but not for feature films.

Regarding Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, it may simply be that the series is not planning to use the Kingpin. The animated series is set in the early days of an alternate version of the MCU’s Spider-Man, for whom Norman Osborn is a mentor, replacing Tony Stark.

When the series was announced in 2021 (then titled Spider-Man: Freshman Year at the time), it was revealed that Charlie Cox would reprise his role as Daredevil. Other MCU heroes and villains, such as Doctor Octopus, Doctor Strange and Nico Minoru, will also appear. A recent rumor suggested that D’Onofrio might appear, but nothing has been confirmed.

No release date for Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man has not been announced. If you can’t wait, you can catch Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio in their respective roles in the series Daredevil: Born Again in 2025.

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