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With almost 140 million sales, Switch approaches PS2



20 million units. This is the amount of sales that separates the Nintendo Switch from history. Not that it won't already be marked forever, but if it has this result during the remainder of its market cycle, it will surpass the PlayStation 2 and become the most sold console of all time.

Something that, honestly, almost everyone thought was impossible. And perhaps it is, especially because the announcement of the Switch's success is expected in 2024, and this will certainly slow down its pace. But it is still worth highlighting the possibility of this happening.

After all, Nintendo published its report for the third quarter of the 2023 fiscal year, which ended on December 31st, and it indicates that the video game reached the mark of 139.36 million units, 6.9 million of which in this period alone . A drop of 7.8% compared to the previous year, super natural.

In the ranking of best-selling video games in history, therefore, the Switch is consolidated in third place. Ahead of it, in second place, another Nintendo handheld, the DS, with 154 million, and the leader PS2, with 158 million. Will the positions on this podium change after so many years?

Zelda charges Switch to success

The numbers of Nintendo's hybrid are impressive, and it's no secret that what makes the device stand out, in addition to its innovation, is the number of exclusives from the company's established brands. The last The Legend of Zelda game, for example, Tears of the Kingdom, sold 20 million copies. The new Mario, Wonder, has reached 12 million.

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