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With Fortnite? Epic Games is confirmed at gamescom latam 2024



The battle bus to get to gamescom latam 2024 promises to be full, huh? Epic Games, through the Fortnite Brazil account, confirmed that it is on its way to the event that will take place from June 26th to 30th at São Paulo Expo.

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We still don’t know if the company will bring some type of interaction for us to play its main games — including battle royale. So far, the publisher has limited itself to saying that it will bring more details soon. Check out the publication:

If you intend to secure your ticket to gamescom latam 2024, stay tuned. The organization announced that tickets worth the second batch were coming to an end — the count reached 90% on June 4th. Tickets entitled to the four days of the event are being sold again in the 3rd batch.

In addition to the owner of Fortnite, other attractions such as Ubisoft, Niantic Labs with Pokémon Go, Nintendo and several artists and lectures will be present at the event. Staying out of this?


gamescom latam 2024 will have stations with Elden Ring DLC

This one is for you who really want to try Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. At gamescom latam 2024, the company will bring stations for you to try out and discover more about the Land of Shadows. Click here to learn more!

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