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With Margot Robbie, The Sims movie is being produced



A The Sims movie is in production! Sounds crazy? Well, it's going to get worse. Or better. The person behind it is simply Margot Robbie, one of the favorite actresses of the moment, especially after her work on Barbie. It is not yet known whether she will act in the project, but it is produced by her company, LuckyChap.

The information comes from the Hollywood Reporter website, which highlights that Kate Herron, the brilliant mind behind the Loki series on Disney+, is the one who will direct the surprising The Sims film. Also according to the page, Roy Lee and Miri Yoon, from Vertigo Entertainment, are also part of the team.

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Electronic Arts, which published the game, will obviously be involved in the creative and production. Unfortunately, however, there is still no further information about the work. For example: what is the script for a The Sims movie? Hard to think, right? Well, Barbie didn't seem to be the easiest either and was a huge success with critics and the public.

The Sims movie has not been officially announced

Although the source is very credible, it is important to highlight that none of this has been officially confirmed. All that remains is to wait for official announcements. I hope they happen soon!

It is worth remembering that, last month, according to IndieWire, LuckyChap had entered into a partnership with Warner for the production of multiple feature films. Could The Sims movie be one of them?

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