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With strandings, Sony would have paused production of the PS VR2



The PS VR2 has not had the commercial performance expected by Sony and, therefore, the company decided to pause production of the accessory. The information is from Bloomberg.

The news agency's sources stated that the Japanese company has produced well over two million PS VR2 headsets since its launch in February 2023, but sales of the headset have declined since then, and the numbers are estimated to have declined each quarter.

The only official announcement, however, was that 600,000 devices were sold in its first six weeks on the market. However, after that, according to the agency's findings, there was a significant drop, the amount of unsold stock continued to increase and, of course, great dissatisfaction was created at Sony.

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“The high price of virtual reality hardware acts as the main obstacle to its expansion. Currently, there are limited games that support virtual reality devices, and this also leads to a lack of motivation for gamers to purchase VR hardware. This limited content also has a reason – the development cost is substantially higher than for normal titles,” said Macquarie analyst Yijia Zhai (via VG Chartz).

Games, DLC and more: future of PS VR2 revealed by Sony

A year after the launch of the PlayStation VR2, Sony released a summary of 2024 predicting the big releases in the coming months. In addition to revealing two contents shadowdrop, the manufacturer met with the studios to bring more information about promising titles. Read more here.

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