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Without platinum, Valorant has PS5 trophies found on PSN



Before the full launch of Valorant, scheduled for 2024, Riot and PlayStation have already released the shooter’s trophies on PSN servers. Without platinum on PS5, the game offers 16 varied achievements to unlock, making it an interesting option among this year’s free games.

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Very popular on PC and developed by Riot Games, known for League of Legends, the game is a tactical hero shooter in 5v5 teams. For this reason, the tasks to conquer each of them are based on simple game mechanics.

Among the trophies, you’ll find challenges like landing a thousand headshots, using skills 2,000 times, using the Ultimate skill 300 times, and defusing a bomb with less than a second remaining.

Valorant on PS5Valorant on PS5

The full launch of Valorant for PS5 is scheduled for 2024, with an open beta now in June. Ready to put another shooter on your list for this year?

Valorant feature will not be on PS5 because of Xbox

Unlike Xbox controls, the DualSense supports Gyro Gaming technology. For this reason, the Microsoft console would be at a disadvantage and the developers chose not to implement the feature in the ports. Look here!

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