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Wizard With a Gun studio is another one to close its doors



Galvanic Games is yet another studio to be affected by the wave of layoffs and closures in 2024. The developer of Wizard With a Gun announced that it will close its doors due to insufficient sales of its latest game.

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A sad statement was shared by the company last Friday night (14). According to the studio’s founder, Patrick Morgan, Wizard With a Gun had a promising start, but it wasn’t enough to keep his company operating.

Wizard with a GunWizard with a Gun
Source: Devolver Digital

Wizard With a Gun studio tries to get back on its feet, but without success

The executive thanked Devolver Digital for its support in recent years. According to him, working with the publisher was a “dream come true” and would have encouraged a “healthy and creative culture” on the part of the teams.

Working with Devolver Digital was a dream come true for us. Together we created a game that I’m extremely proud of. There is a certain bitterness in knowing that we have accomplished all the things we set out to do when we founded Galvanic in 2015.

From releasing unique, weird, and interesting games to collaborating with some of my favorite people in the industry, all while building a compact business. United and productive team, focused on a healthy and creative culture.


Morgan also revealed that he had some encouraging conversations at the DICE event and during GDC, but these processes to sign off on new projects would take a long time to come to fruition.

Galvanic Games is the studio responsible for titles like Some Distance Memory, Gurgamoth and Questmore. Recently, the studio released a patch for Wizard With a Gun containing support for up to four people in cooperation on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.


A version for Nintendo Switch was in the studio’s plans. However, with its closure after almost ten years of operations, it is possible that it will not happen.

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