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Wo Long sequel is not in Team Ninja's plans



At the moment, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja are not planning to release a sequel to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The person who confirmed this was Masakazu Hirayama, producer and director of the game, in an interview with the Touch Arcade website.

According to Hirayama, Team Ninja has already delivered everything through DLCs and expansions made available over the last few months. Check it out below:

We have no plans for a sequel at this stage as our focus in fiscal 2023 has been on DLCs and updates. Furthermore, I feel that the historical period after Wo Long's has its own unique attraction as the era of strategists, and we have a desire to portray it with action and in a story, so we would like to accept this challenge if the opportunity arises.

Wo Long Fallen DynastyWo Long Fallen Dynasty

As mentioned above, the historical period in which Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes place would have already been well explored with the additional content. Hirayama, however, does not rule out that the IP will be visited again one day, but for now, other projects, such as The Rise of Ronin, are priorities.

While Wo Long's sequel is left aside, Complete Edition is now available

Team Ninja isn't worried about a sequel to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty at the moment, but if you want the full game experience, know: the Complete Edition is now available on PSN. Look here!

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