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Worse than your team? Foamstars only have 12 trophies



If you are disappointed with the number of trophies your team has won in recent years, don't worry. Foamstars has less. Jokes aside, the game that will be released as Day-One on PS Plus Essential had its complete list of achievements published on the Internet this Monday (5).

And, according to the Exophase website, there are only 12 objectives to be achieved – and without a platinum to show off after achieving all the goals. It's all relatively easy, with the most complicated tasks being completing missions on medium and hard levels, as well as reaching level 25.

In other words, 100% will be very simple to achieve – however, there won't be that special little shiny trophy next to the game on your PlayStation Network profile.

Foamstars will have ranked and much more in Season 1

Last week's State of Play highlighted Foamstars, a game that will make its debut on day one in the PS Plus Essential monthly titles. Including more new gameplay scenes, Square Enix showed the content prepared for Season 1 of the foam battle game.

According to the company, it will have content updates for a year, with seasons updated approximately every month. New characters, maps and other new features will be present in the gameplay. Check it out here.

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