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WWE 2K24 patch applies crowd fixes and more



2K has released a new patch full of changes to the WWE 2K24 experience. Several flaws were found during the gameplay and with the feedback obtained, errors reported in interactions with the audience will no longer occur during the game.

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The main reports pointed to strange displays from the fans, especially at the entrances of Jey Uso and the Gallus trio. To find out what has been fixed in WWE 2K24, check out the patch notes below:

  • Fixed crowd animations for Jey Uso's entrance.
  • Fixed concerns reported regarding The Fiend's boots when modifying their color in Create-a-Superstar.
  • Fixed reported concerns of custom MITB folders not being displayed in rivalry actions in Universe mode.
  • Fixed reported concerns related to climbing the ramp in Create-a-Moveset when the match type is set to Hell in a Cell.
  • Fixed reported concerns that the colors of both eyes change while only editing one.
  • Fixed reported concerns about custom videos not appearing in Royal Rumble matches.
  • Fixed reported concerns that the game would crash softly if subtitles were enabled before entering the Performance Center for the first time.
  • The entry for the Gallus trio has been updated so that they can walk together.
  • Fixed concerns reported with several images not appearing correctly within Create-an-Arena.

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