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Xbox confirms games on other consoles, but does not reveal names



Xbox's expected update on the release of its games on other platforms, such as PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, was not that revealing.

Phil Spencer, the strongman of Microsoft's games division, confirmed that this is an important step for the company's future and that four games will be brought to other devices, but he did not reveal what these titles are. He just said that two are titles that involve the community a lot and that the others are more modest, and that they were not even developed with an eye to being exclusive.

All with more than a year on the market – something that the executive made a point of highlighting, taking the opportunity to clarify that Starfield and Indiana Jones are not part of this plan, and that there is no confirmation about other titles that may be launched.

The full podcast can be seen below:

Xbox will continue to focus on Game Pass

In another important section, Xbox directors confirmed that Game Pass will not be launched on any other console, and the company's investment in this service will remain high. And Activision Blizzard titles will increasingly be released on subscription, with future first-party titles also coming Day-One to them. Diablo IV, for example, will appear there soon.

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