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Xbox has a “fantastic” relationship with Sony and Nintendo



Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are the three main forces in the gaming industry when it comes to manufacturing consoles. Despite competing within a market, they seem to have good interactivity behind the scenes. At least for those who take care of the Xbox, this relationship is considered fantastic.

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The person who guaranteed this was Matt Booty, president of Microsoft Gaming and the person responsible for leading Xbox Game Studios. In a recent appearance on the Variety podcast, he said the following:

Yes, well, obviously I can’t speak for Sony or Nintendo, but I would say that in each case we have a fantastic working relationship with the teams at Sony and Nintendo. Once again, our catalog consists of games that have been released on these platforms for 10-15 years. This doesn’t happen without a good relationship with them.

Still according to Booty, the audience for games has grown a lot. For this reason, some barriers and differences that exist historically must be beneficially changed in the near future. Will more Xbox games appear more frequently on PlayStation and Switch?


Xbox is pleased with the success of Sea of ​​Thieves on PS5

Proof of this “fantastic partnership” between Xbox and PlayStation is the success of Sea of ​​Thieves on PS5. The numbers rose significantly after a port reached the Sony console. Check it out here!

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