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XDefiant confirms the arrival of a new mode strongly requested by players



The developers of XDefiant have confirmed the imminent arrival of a highly requested mode by fans, Team Deathmatch.

Ubisoft’s free-to-play FPS, XDefiant, was a surprise success, reaching over half a million players despite some server issues at launch. The undeniable appeal of playing famous factions from the Ubisoft library and pitting them against each other largely contributes to this.

In the free-to-play FPS market, one of the most important aspects is keeping players engaged over the long term. Fortunately, XDefiant has a solid roadmap that plans to gradually add new content, with the arrival of new factions and weapons.

To enrich this content, the team behind XDefiant is also introducing new game modes, and the developers have confirmed that Team Deathmatch mode will be arriving very soon.

In a recent interview on IGN Live, executive producer Mark Rubin claimed that Ubisoft’s goal is to strengthen the long-term health of the game. This includes the implementation of a Team Deathmatch mode in XDefiant, which he provided more details on.

One of the things players have been asking for in the two and a half weeks we’ve been online is an MME mode.“, Rubin said. “We’ll see that in a few weeks.

Leaks had already revealed the possible addition of a Team Deathmatch mode in XDefiant, among others. This announcement, however, is the first official confirmation of the arrival of this mode in the game.

No concrete date has been announced, however, so we must rely on Rubin’s estimate of “a few weeks.”

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