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XDefiant Players Angry Over New Weapon Skin Requirements



XDefiant’s June 18 patch increased the requirements to unlock all weapon mastery skins, and players already hate it.

Prior to Y1S0.4, you could unlock Mastery Camos (Bronze, Silver, and Gold skins) in XDefiant after reaching weapon levels 50, 75, and 100. Now, these requirements have increased to levels 100, 150 and 200significantly increasing the time needed to unlock them.

This change from Ubisoft counters another change in the update, which allows weapons to be leveled up more quickly.

A player pointed out on the XDefiant subreddit that Gold mastery now requires 600,000 XP instead of 350,000, representing a whopping 71.4% increase. This change affected players who were just a few levels away from unlocking a Gold skin. “Me with the AK at level 94 :’)”said a player with a heavy heart.

XDefiant Gold Camouflage

Some players are happy that accessories are now easier to unlock, but one player thinks that “The Gold camo is over the top. They should have put Gold at 150 and then added obsidian or some other new camo to 200.”

A player on an X post finds this change “weird” and asks Ubisoft why these increases are not proportional. “Apart from the playing time, there is no challenge. It’s more of a participation reward than a master’s degree. I guess it’s good, but I don’t find this mastery system fun to grind.”

Another added: “They need to add more camos that we can unlock on the way to Bronze/Silver/Gold.”

“It feels like they are artificially inflating the grind due to the lack of variety in the systems to give a feeling of progression,” said another.

Mark Rubin, the executive producer of XDefiant, posted an explanation shortly after the Y1S0.4 patch went live. He recognized that these changes “may upset some people” but that they will continue to evaluate their decisions in the days to come.

Mark Rubin said: “This whole system is being overhauled to be more engaging for everyone. It will take a few seasons before we see this, but we will look at the feedback now to improve our future implementation.”

This means that if the majority of players find it a hassle to unlock mastery skins, they may change the requirements in the future, but only time will tell if and how that will happen.

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