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XDefiant Season 1 faction confirmed



With each season of XDefiant, a new faction will be introduced. For the first wave of content, the elite German troops will be present in the free shooter: GSK, known as GSG 9 in Rainbow Six Siege.

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In addition to the shield operator and other new skills, the package will be even more complete with the arrival of three free weapons and an additional map per month. Additionally, the Capture the Flag mode will be present in the playlist, in addition to, of course, more rewards for those who advance in the battle pass. Check out:

XDefiant Season 1 will begin on July 2nd!

XDefiant no longer has a “loophole” on PS5

In the last update released for XDefiant, Ubisoft removed a loophole that allowed PS5 players to access “inappropriate” news within the game. Check out the patch notes released by the company:


  • We now show the most restrictive Crossplay setting between party members.
  • Fixed an issue where party members with different Crossplay settings were unable to matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect player names displaying on some social screens.
  • Fixed a crash caused by repeatedly opening/closing View Group Invitations.
  • On consoles, Ubisoft Connect party invites now appear correctly.


  • Fixed some missing terrain textures when players joined ongoing matches on some maps.
  • Input-Based Matchmaking setting status now updates correctly after changing it on Xbox.
  • We fixed an issue on PS5 where people could infiltrate places they shouldn’t through PS5 Activities.
  • Various security improvements.

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