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XDefiant to review weapon and camo progression after player complaints



After XDefiant’s latest patch, complaints about highly anticipated changes to weapon progression and requirements for mastery camouflages caused the developers to confirm further changes.


In a post on on player feedback following the June 18 update.

These modifications will double the rate at which players progress with each weaponrequiring 1,500 XP for main weapons (instead of 3,000 XP) and 500 XP for secondary weapons (instead of 1000 XP). As Mark Rubin, Executive Director of XDefiant shared in another post, “unlocking accessories will be super fast” after applying this patch.


However, to balance this, progression for mastery camouflages “will be 14% faster than before the recent update.” This ultimately amounts to reverting the change introduced in the June 18 update while maintaining the 14% speed increase, allowing players to easily unlock accessories, but still requiring some effort to obtain camouflages.


Additionally, in response to criticism regarding weapon progression and requirements for mastery camouflages, Mark Rubin provided an explanation for the changes.

In his post, Mark said that they are aware that “the main challenge in the game right now is weapon mastery“, which pushed the team to “Fear that players will reach the end of this challenge too quickly, making the skins less special and rewarding.


However, he acknowledged the mistake of introducing a change to the requirements for mastery camouflages while the game was online, affecting “people who had already made efforts to progress.“This led to reverting the changes and making the accessories unlockable”even better than before.


Finally, he confirmed that the team will continue to work on “new ways to unlock cool rewards” which will arrive in the game during “several future updates.

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