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Young Sheldon Season 7 Sets Up Dramatic Character Storyline



The final season of Young Sheldon is tasked with wrapping up many character story arcs, and one plotline in particular foreshadows a dark future for one of the Cooper family members.

While Young Sheldon ends soon in season 7, fans have gone fishing for references to The Big Bang Theory. And between the return of certain characters and unexpected connections with real life, they seem endless.

Season 7 has already begun the long process of wrapping up the comedy series. It was about time, even, because the actor has almost nothing left of a “young” Sheldon. But he is not the only one: the other members of the Cooper family are also getting older, and the intrigue of one of them seems to prepare the ground for his tragic end.

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Missy is not happy in The Big Bang Theory

Unlike certain characters who are forced to disappear, Missy will be present in The Big Bang Theory. Sociable and rebellious, Sheldon's twin sister returns in the original series, but viewers discover an unhappily married woman.

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It doesn't stop there, since the protagonist subsequently turns out to be pregnant with her second child, while facing separation proceedings with her husband.

However, all these points seem prepared in advance with season 7 of Young Sheldon, in which Missy is treated to a story arc concerning her boyfriend. When her father George asks her about Taylor, she tells him part of the truth, while introducing her new friend as a young gay man.

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Later, we discover that the two young people are indeed dating. The lying and shenanigans can be seen as simple actions of a teenager seeking to maintain her privacy, but can also be seen as the beginnings of her married life in the series.

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