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F-Zero and Wipeout fans will have to wait: Redout 2 delays its release date

The anti-gravity racing game was planned for the month of May on PC and consoles.

The first Redout was released in 2016 and managed to convince fans of F-Zero and Wipeout thanks to a very solid anti-gravity racing proposal. For that reason, 34BigThings and Saber Interactive are preparing for the arrival of Redout 2 this year, but unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer.

Just a few weeks, since in the release shared through the game’s official Twitter account, those responsible specify that Redout 2 has been pushed back to June 16when it was previously scheduled to land on PC and consoles on May 26.

It will help ensure that we provide the best experience34BigThings“Hello Redout fans. We know you’ve been waiting for Redout 2 to release later this month, but unfortunately, the fastest racing game in the universe needs a little more development time before it is ready and now it will be released on June 16 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Switch, “says the message. “This will help ensure that we provide the best gaming experience for everyone . We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to compete with all of you soon!

The second part of Redout will incorporate 36 tracks with different variants, plus a variety of event types, from sand racing to last man standing. It will have an online mode for twelve players and, in addition, the Single player career mode It will let us choose between several different chassis with customizable propellers and certain accessories and tools.

We will be attentive, since almost six years ago we were able to get our hands on the first installment and, in his analysis of Redout, Alejandro Pascual made it clear that we were facing a work that manages to capture the essence of the time with a proposal marked by the futuristic speed franchises from which it has drunk directly.

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