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Fable 4: the announcement that everyone is waiting for soon?

fable 4: the announcement that everyone is waiting for soon?

RPG lovers will be able to have the right to a great moment since something very special is preparing on Fable 4.


Since 2019, we know that the Playground Games studio behind Forza Horizon will take care of the next game Fable. A piece of news that had raised some questions, especially when you know that the team is above all very experienced in the car game, which remains its spearhead. In this rather special context, what to expect for the RPG? Fans can’t wait any longer… But fortunately an event will allow us to find out more. FINALLY.

Fable 4 gives you an appointment

As you probably know, soon will be held the weekend of the Summer Game Fest, a vast event of conferences and lives to replace the sadly disappeared (and regretted) E3. The opportunity for publishers and manufacturers to show new products of all kinds, and of course Microsoft/Xbox will be there to tell you about its catalog. And besides Starfield who is a bit of the star of the year 2023 for the American, expect to also see Fable. The teasing on this subject is more than obvious and it now seems unthinkable that RPG will be absent. See instead:


So the official Xbox Twitter account teases the Summer Game Fest Xbox conference but via two methods that do not go unnoticed by fans of Fable. Already we can hear the melody of the first game as accompaniment music and we also find a path of glitter which is reminiscent of the scintillating tracks to find the objectives in play. It is therefore certainly time for Microsoft to finally show its title. To verify all this, there is not long to wait since the conference is scheduled for June 11 at 7:00 p.m.

When is Fable 4 coming out?

At the moment there is no release date for Tale 4. And the news about the game is a bit trickle. Last March we could learn thanks to some journalistic indications that the game could approach a The Witcher-like in its gameplay without further details. This had raised fears in particular of the disappearance of humor in the RPG, a very important element in the hearts of fans. On the other hand, according to Andrew Robinson from videogameschronicle, the game would be released after Hellblade 2 And Avowed from Obsidian. Two big behemoths to come. We should have details very soon now.

From your side, what would you like to see within Tale 4 in terms of gameplay, graphics, etc?