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Faker breaks another LCK record after his last match

Pronouncing Lee Sang-hyeok’s name”Faker» is to talk about the best player in the history of League of Legends. What the legendary has achieved midlaner Korean cannot be described in words. As the years go by, facing Faker is a dream for any professional gamer. Over the years, this player has added a series of brands that have taken him to the top.

It was on the morning of January 20 when he broke the last record he was missing in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK). It was in the game that faced him K.T. rolster and, as we could see, Faker has become the player with the most assists in the history of the league. For this he has added a total of 4,143 assiststhus surpassing Kang Beom-hyun”GorillA«.


Faker achieves the record he lacked in the LCK

This 2023 is very special for Faker. And it is that it is the moment in which he fulfills 10 years as a professional player And what is more important, 10 years defending the same shield. Despite the fact that T1 has gone through different processes of change, the midlaner Korean has always played under his banner. If things don’t change will remain under contract with the organizationespecially after renewing with her last November.


T1 would end up taking the series. Yes indeed, the first map was won by a KT Rolster which surprised everyone. However, T1 would end up blowing up the other two maps and thus adding a victory to his box. Faker closed out the series with a KDA ratio of 13 murders, two deaths Y 12 assists. This makes it even clearer to us that Faker’s legend will last for many more years.

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