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Faker is the best player in the history of LoL – Despite this, he advises against playing it

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South Korean Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is considered the best player of all time in League of Legends. But without a doubt, even Faker would not necessarily recommend the MOBA LoL. There would be a lot of people who stressed themselves out a lot in the game. So it’s a wise decision not to play it in the first place, he says in a video.


In what situation does Faker say that? A video on YouTube shows three people sitting, talking and eating together:

  • One is Faker. The 10-time Korean champion and 3-time world champion is considered the greatest LoL player of all time.
  • His young top laner Zeus (18) sits next to him.
  • They talk to a doctor who is well known in South Korea.
The Life of Faker – That’s why he’s a living legend

That’s exactly what Faker says: Talking to Faker, the doctor says that he has never played League of Legends once in his life.

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Faker replies, “Good decision.” He then explains:


There are a lot of people who get a lot of stress from the game, so I think it’s a good decision not to play it. Even regular players cannot fully enjoy it.

LoL is considered a “rage machine”

Is Faker right? Yes, “a lot of people get too upset and stressed about LoL” is certainly a correct diagnosis. LoL players tend to blame their fellow players when they die. This frustrates them and makes them bitter.

In the worst case, frustration can result in “toxic behavior”: You deliberately sabotage your own teammates in order to frustrate and annoy them too.


It makes you wonder why someone would spend their free time doing something that makes them so angry.

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In LoL, for some, “getting upset” is part of the game’s culture: the game’s leading twitch streamer, Tyler1, is known for his freaks and tantrums.

Riot addressed this ironically themselves:


Gorgeous video explains how LoL turns regular players into toxic lunatics

Faker commends LoL for having so much variety and that it always starts at 0

Does Faker also see good sides of LoL? In a conversation with the “Normalo”, who has no idea about LoL but wants to understand why the two young people are so enthusiastic about the game, Faker also explains the advantages of LoL:

  • Every game is extremely variable – there are countless, unpredictable aspects in the game. They make it feel like you’re playing a new game over and over again
  • The game also always starts over again, so you don’t take any advantages with you – for fakers one of the most important advantages of LoL
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His teammate Zeus adds: The game is so fast and exciting, one of the countless elements in the game is constantly changing. That makes it exciting for him.

He was a spontaneous guy anyway, dropped out of school without really thinking about it.


If you want to watch the whole video (with English subtitles) you can do so here. Two professionals explain to an interested listener what makes LoL so fascinating:

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