Fall Guys reduced the number of players in solo matches

Visitors to the dome of stumbling are restless. It has been a long time without significant updates or news. We know that Mediatonic is working hard on the Creative Mode and that’s why the lack of content is due, but finally they broke the silence and talked about the current state and the future of Fall Guysincluding the reduction in the number of players in the games or ‘shows’ solo and changes for the next season.

In an official statement posted on the game’s official website, Mediatonic discussed various elements of Fall Guys, beginning with the controversy that exists for the rounds that were “kept in the vault” and no longer appear. They explain that they did this because keeping 81 rounds and their variants together with other elements in the game caused too many bugs. They had to “take some out in order to achieve a balanced level of stability and content.” For now, they will maintain this system and the rounds will continue to rotate.

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Another announced change is that the seasons will be longer. According to the developers, it’s to do more rounds in Creative mode than they released in previous seasons.

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Reduced maximum number of players in solo matches Fall Guys

Mediatonic reduced the maximum number of players in solo matches Fall Guys from Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

Mediatonic talked about the state of the game, the upcoming season and explained the reduction in the number of players in Fall Guys solo shows.

The maximum size of rooms for solo shows of Fall Guys went from 60 to 40 players. According to Mediatonic, this will speed up matchmaking times, optimize performance in each round, and offer a greater variety of starting levels.

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When does season 4 start?

Although they have not confirmed the date that the Creative Mode and new content of season 4 will arrive at Fall Guysthe game’s internal counters suggest that it could be Tuesday, April 4, 2023. We will inform you as soon as they confirm this date or reveal the actual one.

If you really have nothing to do in the game, we encourage you to try to unlock the costumes of Poseidon and Neptune.

Source: official game website