Fall Guys will not have more seasons, but the updates will be more frequent

fall guys will not have more seasons, but the updates

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Fall Guys will not have more seasons, but the updates will be more frequent

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Several months have passed since the introduction of creative mode to the game and while we’ve been able to play plenty of player-created rounds and participated in three fame passes, we’re already starting to wonder when there’ll be more real content. It turns out that we will be waiting for the new thematic season for Fall Guys will not have a new season and will leave the season system, but that does not mean that you will not receive more content or new rounds. Let’s explain it.

Through a statement posted on the game’s official website, Mediatonic announced that the seasons of Fall Guys they will be replaced by a system of more frequent updates and that there will not be a new season as such. But there will be new themes to replace the current “digital” theme.

Summer Breeze Update

The first of these updates will hit the game on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 August 2023which will add tools and four new rounds that you can see in action in the video below.

This update will add four new rounds and many types of items that we can use in creative mode.

new rounds for Fall Guys (17 of August)

  • Gappy-go-Lucky
  • fun with fans
  • Drop n’ Drag
  • Blocky Bridges

Rounds returning to Fall Guyscome out of the vault (August 17)

  • Bean Hill Zone (solo, duos and squads)
  • Frantic Factory (solo, duos and squads)
  • Perfect Match (solo, duos and squads)
  • Royal Fumble (solo, duos and squads)
  • Starchart (solo, duos and squads)
  • Wall Guys (solo, duos and squads)
  • Airtime (only)
  • Tail Tag (only)
  • Hoverboard Heroes (solo)
  • Egg Scramble (duos)

New items for creative mode

  • bowl platform
  • padded mound
  • slope barrier
  • Trench
  • Barrier
  • underwire platform
  • Pillar

They also revealed a new roadmap that confirms some of the items coming to the game’s creative mode for the rest of the year. It also confirms new Fame Passes. The next one, as we already know, is that of collaboration with ffxiv.

Vault rounds are back!

Mediatonic confirmed that with the updates they will bring back a selection of rounds of Fall Guys that had been archived. They will reveal what they are “in the coming weeks.”

Other changes coming to Fall Guys with the deprecation of the seasons system and the Summer Breeze update are the ability to perform lobby emotes and move the camera up in the middle of rounds.

Source: Mediatonic

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