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Fallout 4 gets a DLC-sized mod that adds a new ending

Despite having been on the market for more than seven years, modders continue to create great content for Fallout 4, like thisFens Sheriffa DLC sized mod that has been released recently.

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Work started on this mod in 2019, and it’s a huge project, adding a whole new faction to the game, with his own end For Fallout 4, fifteen new uniquely voiced NPCs, one new companion, fifty new quests, and thousands of professionally voiced lines of dialogue.

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You’ll need all of the Fallout 4 DLC if you want to download this mod, but for the content it offers, it seems worth it. It’s something you’ll want to try if the apparent lack of news about Fallout 5 is getting you down. You can download the Fens Sheriff mod here.

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