Fallout 76: Date and details of season 12 and SCORE board Rip Fearless and the hunt for cryptids

One of the details that we like the most about this apocalyptic multiplayer title are the ‘pulp’ fiction stories that are told within its universe each season. In this same spirit he comes to Fallout 76 ‘Bold Rip and the Cryptid Hunt’, a new SCORE board arriving alongside new public events in Season 12 on a date to be announced.

Let’s start by taking a look at the trailer for this new story.

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When does season 12 start in Fallout 76?

The date when the ‘Bold Rip and the Cryptid Hunt’ SCORE board and other content for Season 12 will arrive at Fallout 76 will be the Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Remember that this content is free for all players.

What rewards will the SCORE board have?

We are going to know the Fallout 76 Season 12 start date and the rewards of the SCORE board starring Bold Rip.

From what we could see in the trailer, we can expect the following rewards but surely there will be many more:

  • ‘Cold Shoulder’ Weapon Set
  • New ally: Steven Scarberry
  • Moth Wings Chandelier (for Fallout 1st subscribers)
  • Mothman Lamp
  • taxidermy work table
  • cryogenic heavy turret
  • nuclear cards
  • Bold Rip’s Jetpack
  • Fearless Rip armor paint
  • Headhunter frame for photo mode
  • Hunter’s Lodge (for Fallout 1st subscribers)
  • Bold Rip Posters
  • taxidermy counter
  • taxidermy jug
  • Stone fireplace (for Fallout 1st subscribers)
  • Rustic Bed (for Fallout 1st subscribers)
  • cryptid plushies
  • Cryptid Hunter Pack (with Armor)
  • Crafton’s Monster Hunting Trophy
  • hunter’s throne

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Season 12 also debuts the consumable refill, which allows you to change a challenge for a new one. Active Fallout 1st members will be able to earn extra Parts.

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Remember that this year should also come an improved version of fallout 4 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Source: Bethesda