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Fallout 76: The Pitt – Video introduces the Expeditions

Appears in a few days Fallout 76: The Pitt, with which the . takes another exciting turn. This is the start of the expeditions, which are presented in more detail today in a new video.

In the new video, Lead Level Designer Craig Bernardo and Senior Quest Designer Chris Marshall discuss how Expeditions work in the game. They also provide insights into the formation of The Pittthe rewards in the new update and much more.

Apart from that, come along The Pitt the responders back. This is a new generation that has come together to breathe new life into the noble mission of the former faction. The Responders have taken up residence at the Whitespring Resort, which they now call “The Whitespring Refuge”. There are daily quests for the Responders to complete in order to charge the Vertibird’s ultracell battery.

In addition, even more missions are available, for example if you start with Vertibird and follow along with up to three other team members The Pitt travels There, new challenging, repeatable missions await the players.

The rewards include legendary equipment, legendary notes or treasury bonds, various loot and lots of XP. There are also new blueprints and stamps as a new game currency.

Finally, take a road trip with Red Rocket to experience Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in all its glory in a brand new game board called City of Steel. As you progress through Season 10, you can climb the ranks and bag a host of fresh rewards, including the Auto-Axe and Union Power Armor.

For more details on Season 10 and the new rewards, check out the latest Community Calendar. The Pitt itself starts on September 13, 2022. Of course, a whole series of improvements and bug fixes will also be implemented with it.

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