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Fan creates 6-hour documentary about gaming, YouTube deletes his entire channel – “I worked on this for 3 months” | Discover News

fan creates 6 hour documentary about gaming, youtube deletes his entire

YouTuber NeverKnowsBest created a video that summarized the history of video games for six hours. But now the entire channel, including all of its videos, has been deleted. Now he’s fighting to get the account back.

What happened? The YouTuber suddenly received a message that his six-hour video was demonetized. As a result, the advertising in the video was removed and the creator of the documentary no longer received any money for it.


The reason for the removal was swear words in the title, thumbnail or content of the video. The operator of the channel lodged an objection, but YouTube rejected the objection.

His second channel KnowsBestNever was even worse: The entire channel with all its videos was deleted, including the documentation about gaming. Here, too, an objection by the owner could no longer save anything. Here’s why: The channel violated sex and nudity guidelines.

You can watch the said video game history here:


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NeverKnowsBest has struggled with YouTube’s policies in the past. Other videos of him were also provided with youth protection and demonetized. The YouTuber was even able to understand the procedure for some videos, but with titles like Dragon Age and NieR: Automate in particular, he doesn’t understand why they have to be given an age limit of 18 years.

He assumed that YouTube would first issue strikes before the video platform intervened. NeverKnowsBest is shocked that there was no prior communication and no prior warning. In his opinion he did nothing wrong.


What’s so annoying about that? It’s his heart, the documentary about the history of video games, that bothers him the most. There would be no ambiguity in the video that would be inappropriate or controversial. It’s six hours of video game history, nothing more, nothing less.

The YouTuber explains that he spent three months creating the video. The video was one of the most popular on his channel and brought him a lot of positive messages in the comments column, but that doesn’t count anymore.

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YouTuber switches to secondary channel

Is there a happy ending? NeverKnowsBest hasn’t exhausted all options to get its channel back. So it could be that he will get his channel back in the distant future. However, he is audibly struck by the situation and finds no motivation to tackle the problem.

At the end of a video message, he explains that he is very sad about it and feels like he has been defeated by YouTube:

You work very long hours. There is a lot of pressure, stress and competition. No matter what you do, it feels like it’s not enough. […] It can be tough making videos. And that’s without the fact that things out of your control can always go wrong for no reason. I really feel defeated.

At least he was able to save all his videos and is now gradually uploading them to his other channel. But it might be a matter of time before this channel gets deleted from YouTube as well, as NeverKnowsBest doesn’t understand what caused the deletion.


We keep our fingers crossed for him and hope his drama has a happy ending. It would be a shame if his six-hour documentary disappeared into nirvana.

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