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Fan is progressively merging all 151 Gen 1 Pokemon, and the intermediate stage is already a nightmare

The monster is getting more bizarre every day.

If the selection of the 151 Pokemon from Red & Blue is not enough for you, you can use the Pokemon Fusion tool to fuse two of the pocket monsters together and create new funny creatures from them. Other fans even merge Pokemon with beings from Star Wars or the Ghibli mascot Totoro. One result looks stupider than the other.

But a fan now dares the experiment of stuffing all the Pokemon from the first generation into one being. Every day he implements the wish with the most likes in the comments, which Pokemon is next. So it takes 151 days until the monster is ready. See for yourself what the Pokemon looks like so far.


All 151 Gen 1 Pokemon in one creature

What does the monster look like so far? The user is currently on the ninth Pokemon (as of June 9th). The structure consists of the body of Arkani, on the front of which you can see Relaxo’s stomach. Voltoball, Lektroball and Nebulak are stacked on top of each other as a spherical pyramid on Relaxo.

On the side of the Arcani torso are the four arms that support the massive body’s face. In addition, the stone body of Onix extended the tail of Arcane.

You can see the status of the monster so far here:


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Another fan favorite is the Relaxo tummy getting Rossana bra donned. You see what an absurd direction the creature is going to go. One user sums up well how whimsical the merger process is:

Soon his face will reach the sky and touch him, and then only Arceus can stop him from wreaking havoc on the Pokemon world.

If you’re interested in the end result, you’ll have to check back in about five months to see what happened to the Pokemon fusion. Of course, you can always drop by Redditor TB_Mumpitz to see the latest interim result.


Even more Pokemon news at a glance:

Luckily, the user didn’t have the idea of ​​merging all Pokemon up to Crimson & Crimson. With the latest generation of Pokemon, the mark of over 1,000 Pokemon was cracked, which would probably merge into a huge lump.

Pokemon: This is what fans can look forward to

The next two expansions for Crimson & Crimson are The Turquoise Mask and The Indigo Disk. Both expansions are scheduled for release in late 2023. The DLCs contain Pokemon from previous generations and two new Legendary Pokemon.


Accordingly, you should not expect a new Pokemon generation for this year. The expansions will also offer plenty of content to keep you entertained well into next year.

What do you think of the Pokemon creature? Which Pokemon would you like to fuse?

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