Fan of ‘escape rooms’? Then check out Escape Academy, with trailer and launch window

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The iam8bit and Skybound Games game, in collaboration with Coin Crew Games, surprises with an escapist proposal.

When entertainment and interactivity go hand in hand, real results are produced. funny. This is one of the many reasons why we enjoy video games, but this combination of concepts has also been brought to life with the famous ‘escape rooms‘. And what would happen if we mixed this phenomenon with digital games? well what do we have Escape Academy.

Escape Academy will be available in 2022Announced during the ID@Xbox Live dedicated to indie titles, the teams at iam8bit and Skybound GamesIn collaboration with Coin Crew Games (known for creating attractions, game rooms and interaction initiatives), propose an escape room experience set in an academy. Here we will learn all kinds of techniques from the world’s most famous ‘escapists’, who will put us to the test with unlikely scenarios.

Fan of 'escape rooms'? Then check out Escape Academy, with trailer and launch window

In terms of gameplay, Escape Academy features different levels that are very similar to real escape rooms. In this sense, the trailer already shows some examples of this nature such as secret doors, complicated combinations and various puzzleswithout forgetting classic mechanics of an academy that involve exploring the campus and conversations with different characters from the faculty.

We will be able to test all our knowledge of escape rooms in PC, PlayStation and Xbox when Escape Academy releases this 2022although it will also be available in Xbox GamePass from launch day. Therefore, we can already prepare for scenarios where pulling out a suspicious book or finding a secret code can save us from dire situations.

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