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Fan writes 400-page guide about new RPG epic Starfield – “Crazy how excited people are about this game”

The new sci-fi RPG Starfield causes a lot of excitement. A fan can hardly wait for the release, so he has put together a 400-page document with all the information about the new game from Bethesda – there is not even a release date.

Once the hype about a game has grabbed you, you’re happy about any new information, no matter how small it may be. It is all the more disappointing when the developers then postpone the release date. So did a Starfield fan named “Gokamo”.

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But instead of just twiddling his thumbs in frustration, he uses the time to be productive. His hard work is now bearing fruit. He published a 400+ page document in which he compiled all freely available information about Starfield.

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The whole reads like a scientific treatise, with table of contents, notes and cross-references. Quite an impressive achievement! Especially when you consider that “Gokamo” created the document in his spare time and was not paid for it.

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The images that you see here in the Starfield reveal video can also be found in several places in Gokamo’s document:


Starfield gameplay reveal looks like No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen and Fallout


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The ultimate source for Starfield: All information, pictures, video and leaks collected in one place

Although Starfield no longer has a fixed release date, there is a lot of information about the game circulating on the net. The first official teaser video was released by Bethesda in June 2018, the release of Starfield was actually planned for 2022.


Over time, a lot of material came together that Gokamo processed and curated independently. He’s a big fan of Bethesda games, and it all started with The Elder Scrolls Morrowind. He also grew up near the Kennedy Space Center, members of his family worked on rockets. He is a big space nerd and the idea of ​​a Bethesda RPG in space made his childhood dreams come true.

What appeals to him most about the Bethesda games is the scope and attention to detail, he writes in the document. He celebrates the huge worlds and the freedom that players have to explore them. No other studio would deliver open world in this quality.

More about Starfield on MeinMMO:


Community is excited about the scope of the document

As he himself writes in the introduction, the document is not a good introduction to Starfield, especially if you haven’t heard of it before.

Rather, he started the work to keep all the information about the RPG in his head. Over the entire development period, Bethesda only gave bits and pieces of new information, so you can quickly forget something. The announcement that Starfield will be released exclusively for the Xbox and the PC should have been remembered by many.

Gokamo’s work is causing a stir among Starfield fans and also on reddit. Under one post there are a lot of positive comments. But there are also voices warning of disappointment.


I have to say that I respect his commitment!

It’s crazy how much some people look forward to this game!

u/Aaron123494 and u/MangoFuckinSnapple

A reddit user jokes that “Gokamo” could be a certain Hodd Toward. A little joke at the expense of Todd Howard, the boss of Bethesda himself. Others hope that fans will not be disappointed after the release.


Oh boy, after reading the first few pages of the doc and his motivation for doing it, his personal history with Bethesda, and his love of space, I unfortunately get the feeling that nothing will live up to his expectations.

I hope he is happy with the game that will be released in the end. Nothing can live up to 8 years of hype and expectations.


Now your opinion is needed! What do you think of the fan’s action? Will you look at the document to shorten the wait for Starfield? Or are you skeptical about Starfield? Leave us a comment and discuss with the community!


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