Fans Ask Sony for a PS1 Spider-Man Remake

Tom Henry

fans ask sony for a ps1 spider man remake

Some gamers are waiting for two classic Spider-Man PS1 games to return to next-gen consoles: Spider-Man (2000) and Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro.

These two PS1 titles were very popular and are considered very good by critics, but unfortunately they have been forgotten by their original developers for years. As a result, fans have taken the initiative to start a petition for both games to be remastered.

On, Tyler Wheaton has started the petition to “bring back the classic Spider-Man games from PS1 to PS4 and PS5”. With just over 500 signatures, the campaEsports Extrasis still in its early stages, but it definitely has the potential to take off.

“I know that all the Spidey fans and gamers hope they can play these games and also want them to be remastered,” Wheaton wrote on the petition page. “We really miss these classics and it’s been so long.”

Let’s hope that producers or developers are interested in bringing back one of the best Spider-Man games to new generations and take the request into account.

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