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Fans celebrate the one boss in Diablo 4 that scares everyone: “Like in a horror movie”

The Diablo 4 beta was already well received, although there were some criticisms. However, one piece of content has caused absolute chaos: the Butcher. The ancient boss appeared randomly in dungeons and executed players. Fans are now demanding more of it.

What’s that boss? The Butcher first appeared in Diablo 1 and surprised players there in a dungeon. Whoever opened the door to his slaughterhouse was surprised by one of the most dangerous bosses in the whole series.


The butcher is known for his brutality and for his surprisingly quick movements for his size. He can pull players towards him, overrun them, or simply finish them off with his cleaver.

In Diablo 4, the butcher just shows up in dungeons where he doesn’t really belong. It can appear as a random event that you don’t know about before entering the dungeon – and disappear just as quickly.

On Reddit, fans are now praising the butcher as a “huge success” even though the demon has murdered dozens of players. Why is everyone so intrigued by the Butcher?


Before the beta, players feared that Diablo 4 wasn’t dark enough. The butcher seems to disprove that on his own. You can see the conclusion of the MeinMMO editors here:

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The Butcher ‘Generates a Genuine Fear’

What fans say: User KurtiZ_TSW explains that the butcher is an unpredictable element. He is a surprise and a danger, something that fits right into the dark world of Diablo. You feel fear and excitement when the demon suddenly stands in front of you.

Dungeons were criticized after the beta for being too same and repetitive. They are even one of the points that are repeatedly discussed controversially. The butcher levers out exactly this element. Bosses should be a surprise, they say, not wait behind closed doors.


Another thread on Reddit gets a lot of approval and hundreds of comments. Here players praise that the situation felt like something out of a horror film: “It traumatized me. I had to sleep with the lights on Saturday.”

The only criticism we’ve had before is that hardcore characters can be killed with absolutely no warning when the butcher shows up in endgame dungeons. However, we don’t yet know if that will happen.

Is there more of this? The developers have already noted in interviews how much they love the Butcher themselves and that similar events should also be possible later in the game. However, concrete information is missing.


MeinMMO editor Maik Schneider also had the opportunity to talk to the developers. The interview was mainly about the biggest controversy surrounding Diablo 4:

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