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Fans Demand To Make A Bowser Solo Movie With Jack Black

Many have talked about how amazing the Super Mario Bros. movie is that fans have now decided to demand a Bowser spin-off with obviously Jack Black in the lead.

Illumination’s animated adaptation of Nintendo’s beloved franchise has broken records: After having the best opening ever for an animated film, it’s on pace to hit the huge $1 billion revenue milestone.


Anyone who has seen the film will know that a sequel has already been hinted at, but as UNILAD reports, many fans are now begging for a Bowser spinoff. No one can deny how amazing it was Jack Black in his role as Mario’s nemesis: His song, “Peaches,” is eligible for an Oscar nomination and has even been a hit on the pop charts.

“I know we’re all excited about the prospect of a Luigi’s Mansion movie and a Donkey Kong Country movie, but with all the love for Jack Black’s Bowser (rightfully so!), imagine how awesome a spinoff movie would be. Bowser!” @JohnnyBud suggested on Twitter.