Fans Fear Red Dead Redemption Remaster Will Be As Bad As Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy

Tom Henry

fans fear red dead redemption remaster will be as bad
Prominent Rockstar Games leakers have been reporting the arrival of a true Red Dead Redemption remake, which would supposedly recreate the game using the Red Dead Redemption 2 engine.

While a remake rather than a remaster has been repeatedly rumored, until official confirmation from Rockstar, fans fear it’s a story similar to the buggy, underdeveloped disaster that was Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.

It’s safe to say that fans aren’t willing to go through a similar nightmare with Red Dead Redemption, especially given the game’s critical praise.

Fans discussed their concern in a Reddit thread titled “This Is Why I’ll Be Eager If Rockstar Releases A Red Dead Redemption Remaster” which was accompanied by an image of the gruesome “remaster” of GTA.

“Just let it die with dignity instead of remastering it. I’d like to see a proper remake though.” @Naturally_Fragrant

“They wouldn’t even have to do a lot of remastering. A lot of the red dead map was already red done for rdr 2. They could literally take a lot of what they’ve already done for red dead 2 and apply it to a remake. Update/redo what’s left and then charge $70 for that. Which I will happily repay!” @iHaveAMajorHeadache

“I don’t want a remaster for the same reason. I want a remake.” @early_onset_villainy

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