Fans propose a feature that would reinvigorate the game

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fans propose a feature that would reinvigorate the game

Pokemon GO continues to be one of the most popular and highest-grossing apps in the entire mobile device market.

The completion of the Dark Flames Investigation, as well as the new feature to help us with Collection Challenges, demonstrated the fan support for the game. However, there were many complaints regarding its duration. And while the game is still reporting tens of millions of players every month and the game has returned to the top 10, Niantic seems to be having financial problems.

It is for this reason that the community constantly meets on the forums to try to come up with ideas that can revitalize Pokemon GO. Since for more events and new Pokemon, it clearly does not have the same momentum of previous years.

Hisui’s function that would revitalize Pokemon GO

In a recent discussion on Reddit, fans proposed different features that they would implement to help revamp the popular Pokemon GO. But one of them earned the attention of many players.

This is a function implemented in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the 2022 title that for many was a breath of fresh air in the franchise. This brought several innovations beyond the regional variants, and one of them would be excellent in Pokemon GO, according to fans.

This is the research tasks of the Pokedex. These are basically quests that you would need to accomplish to fully complete a Pokemon’s page within the Pokedex. This means that they not only needed to be captured, but also investigated.

For example, some Pokemon might ask you to capture a number of monsters of the same type, or to see it using certain moves. They could also require being defeated with super effective moves, capturing heavier ones, among others.

This idea would not only bring a new set of challenges for all players, but it would give meaning to catching those wild Pokemon you already have that can be annoying. This way, even those who have already completed much of the Pokedex can once again enjoy the thrill of going out and catching wild Pokemon.

Of course, this new function should be accompanied by rewards that are useful in Pokemon GO. They can be small for each task completed, and a larger reward for completing all research for the same Pokemon. Others even proposed that the tasks be refreshed every season, bringing a new sense of novelty to the game every few months.

This would take a lot of work on Niantic’s part, but the amount of support this idea received was overwhelming. The reality is that the magic of going out and catching Pokemon no longer exists for those who have almost all of them. Most would benefit from regaining their reason to go out looking for wild encounters in Pokemon GO, aside from an almost unlikely encounter with the Legendary Birds of Galar.

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