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Fantasy RPG GreedFall confirms its sequel: name, first details and release window

Greedfall 2: The Dying World will arrive on PC and consoles in 2024, taking its action to the old continent of this universe.

Greedfall 2: The Dying World

If you were left wanting more after playing GreedFall we have very good news, Nacon Games Y spiders have today confirmed the development of GreedFall 2, under the full name of GreedFall 2: The Dying World, sharing the first details of the production and dating its release for PC and consoles in 2024. At the moment, yes, trailers and images of the project have not been offered, only a logo.

GreedFall 2 begins its story where the first video game ended. Its protagonist is a native of Teer Fradee, taken by force to Gacane, the old continent. This is presented as a place ravaged by war, disease and political intrigue in which the player will have to know how to move to regain his freedom. “Via diplomacy, ingenuity, combat, as well as the help of various alliesit will be up to you to put an end to the ambitions of conquest of man, which if not stopped could mean the end of the continent and your island”.

Spiders hopes to maintain the successful formula of the first game, once again betting on a powerful narrative development where the player’s decisions have their weight, but also sells a greater effort in terms of gameplay to provide the user more tactical combat capable of attracting new audiences to its universe.

“While working on Steelrising, our passion for the GreedFall universe never went away, so we’re thrilled to return to it,” said Jehanne Rousseau, Head of Spiders. “In this new chapter, players will explore the old continent with their larger and more diverse environments and meet new companions and new factions. I hope you have unforgettable adventures,” he adds.

At the moment there is no more information to offer, but those interested can read the analysis of GreedFall in Esports Extras, as well as take a look at the latest trailer for Steelrising and its revolutionary Paris with robots. It will come this year.

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