Almost every week since its announcement at last year’s Nintendo Direct we’ve been wondering, “When is GoldenEye 007 coming out on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack and Xbox Game Pass?” Well, the wait is over. Or almost, because the classic of console shooter classics will arrive on both subscription services on January 27. Exactly, in just two days.

There were some rumors that it would indeed be one of these days when we would see what is possibly the adventure of James Bond in video games most remembered and loved by fans. And while it brings all the charm of the 1997 original, the Nintendo Switch version will now be viewed in HD and the Xbox version in 4K. But there is a major addition only for one of the two platforms…

GoldenEye 007 on Xbox without online play?

It seems that although the ports for both consoles have been made in parallel between Rare and Nintendo, the substantial difference between them that Microsoft users already feared is confirmed: Nintendo Switch does have an online multiplayer modewhile the version that will reach Xbox Game Pass will only have local multiplayer to split screen, just as the original Nintendo 64 offered. A decision that nobody sees much sense at this point, but that can find a very simple first technical explanation in the fact that any game in the NSO catalog with multiplayer (none were online) can be played online.

Are you going to enjoy this GoldenEye the day after tomorrow when it hits Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass? We can tell you that yes, without a doubt. For England, James? Not by us.

goldeneye 007
Pierce Brosnan and the crooked mouth effect.

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