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FF7: a new trailer for the ultimate free game, it promises!

ff7: a new trailer for the ultimate free game, it

Very good news, the ultimate FF7 game is revealed in a new trailer that should catch the eye of historical fans of the cult license.


FF7 Remake marked the beginning of a new era for Final Fantasy 7, a true saga within a saga. This extremely daring rewrite of the original work was popular and its sequel, Rebirth, is now eagerly awaited. The trailer for the game unveiled during the Summer Game Fest has further raised the hype around the title scheduled for early 2024. Before this extremely anticipated release, fans of Final Fantasy 7 will have plenty to do with a new game. Lovers of the saga will definitely enjoy the new trailer for this ultimate game.

New trailer for FF7 Ever Crisis

It’s not just Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in life. Square Enix is ​​also preparing to launch a certain FF7: Ever Crisis. Free-to-play will be available on iOS and Android on September 7. Ahead of launch, the game shows off in a new gameplay trailer that will make fans’ mouths water. As the publisher had already indicated, the combat system of Ever Crisis will be inspired by that of the PS1 version of Final Fantasy 7, with turn-based confrontations using an ATB gauge, which determines the order in which the characters act.


We can see that the action and the camera will be particularly dynamic to stick to current trends. In addition to the well-known abilities, magics, summons and Limit Breaks, FF7 Ever Crisis incorporates a new chaining mechanic that is quite classic for a JRPG. Your characters will be able to perform “Limit Combos” with damage multiplier by attacking one after the other, much like in Xenoblade Chronicles. So that everyone can enjoy the game at best, Square Enix has also integrated an automatic mode and an accelerated mode. The latter will require a very good mastery of the combat system since you will have to make your decisions quickly.

Beyond the gameplay, it’s mostly for the story that FF7 fans should immerse themselves in Ever Crisis. Indeed, the game will not only retrace the highlights of the entire history of the series, but will also offer brand new story content on the youth of Sephiroth. See you on September 7 on iOS and Android to discover all this in free-to-play.