FF7 Rebirth: this scene will no longer be the same, and that angers fans

ff7 rebirth: this scene will no longer be the same,

One of the most iconic scenes of FF7 Rebirth will be modified, and it is the director of the game who confirms it. How will this news be received by fans?

Change is in the air for FF7 Rebirth. Finally, we’re not telling you anything, since this was already the case in the first part of the remake released in 2020. There were not only tweaks to the graphics or gameplay, but also to the story side. . Sometimes it was subtle, but often we were dealing with big changes. We should expect a similar treatment for its sequel, as the director confirmed again for a cult scene.

WARNING, the following article includes SPOILERS concerning FF7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7 (the original). You have been warned.

FF7 Rebirth will retouch this iconic scene

We know that we must prepare ourselves to face an adventure very different from the one we experienced in 1997. Until now, it was complicated to know exactly what form it would take. We knew that characters normally absent were now going to be present, but what about the game’s iconic sequences? Will they undergo changes, and if so, what changes? The director of this new FF7, Naoki Hamaguchi, rightly addressed the subject during an interview for EveryEye by mentioning a very specific scene: that of the Gold Saucer where we have a nocturnal meeting with certain characters from the team according to our choice.

For many, it’s a moment that left its mark on their minds, but it won’t be exactly the same again. Before you panic, know that the sequence will still be there, and that it will simply be “modernized”. A bit like what we saw with the Honeybee. Remember, in the base FF7, there was no welcome little rhythm game to flesh out this passage in a fun way. The idea is therefore to reproduce the same pattern with the scene of the meeting at the Gold Saucer.

And obviously, the thinking heads of the game are not going to stop there. In the past, the director has already expressed his wish to make FF7 Rebirth as “extravagant” as the entire Gold Saucer game. If you did the original, you know how special this place is in the universe of the title. In addition, all the mini-games found in it should normally be available at different times in the epic. Thus, they will no longer be gathered in one place.

An adventure that will no longer be the same

Is this a touch-up that people will like? As usual, fans are going to be divided, as some don’t like change. A handful of them also make it clear on social networks. It’s not going to get better when we know that characters like Zack or potentially Genesis will be back: “ Without providing major spoilers again, besides Zack, who was not in the original but who will make an appearance here, there will be other characters from the FF7 spin-offs who will appear in Rebirth “, Hamaguchi said.

Generally speaking, we have been told many times that we need to prepare for a “big surprise”. It could be referring to Aerith’s death, or something less serious. For the moment, it’s difficult to know. Recently, we learned that Vincent Valentine, one of the protagonists, was going to be a little different compared to his 1997 equivalent. Unfortunately, we were not able to dig deeper due to lack of precision from the producer, Yoshinori Kitase.

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