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FF7 Remake 2: a new statement that raises the hype

ff7 remake 2: a new statement that raises the hype

FF7 Rebirth should provide the show during the Summer Game Fest 2023. Square Enix continues its teaser which consists of publishing a new statement from the developers every day.


The launch of Final Fantasy 16 is getting closer and Square Enix seems ready to communicate earlier than expected around FF7 Remake 2. The consensus was that the Japanese publisher would wait for the release of its PS5 exclusive on June 22 to highlight the rest of the adventures of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Barrett. This will likely not be the case. The Japanese giant seems to have set a countdown by publishing a new statement from the developers of FF7 Rebirth every day. The third has just dropped and focuses on the story.

FF7 Remake 2, the surprise of this summer?

And three. For the third day in a row, the developers of FF7 Remake 2 give updates on the game. Recently, Square Enix surprised everyone with an update from Kitase assuring that development was going smoothly and that a release date would be set soon. After the producer, it was the director who took the floor with a statement that sows doubt as to the structure of the game. Open world or not? Naoki Hamaguchi merely promised ” great freedom of exploration in a large and diverse world, with many stories to discover. This time, it’s Kazushige Nojima, scriptwriter of the game, who storms the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Square Enix.


Players will discover a chain of events rooted in the story of Final Fantasy 7 as well as the destiny of each character “, he wrote in response to a question asking what are the main elements of the game. This is again a rather enigmatic statement, which does not provide a straight answer. The mention of the fate of each of the characters, however, may refer to the plot twist of the final scene of FF7 Remake, which points to the return of a hero who would normally have perished. The first episode of the trilogy indeed hinted that the fate of certain characters would change and that new narrative arcs would emerge.

The announcement at the Summer Game Fest 2023 is confirmed

A statement in itself classic, but which already ignites the Web. For what ? Because it leaves no room for doubt. FF7 Remake 2 should create a surprise during the Summer Game Fest 2023 conference. If the publisher continues to publish a statement per day at the rate of seven in total, then the countdown will stop on June 8, the day when broadcast the event. Now it remains to be seen what kinds of news Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will give. A trailer focused on history, gameplay, a dense presentation? A bit of all three? See you in a few days to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we can have a few snippets of information until the fateful date.