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FF9 Remake: a revelation that will please fans

ff9 remake: a revelation that will please fans

FF9 Remake has been the subject of many rumors. One of them had gone unnoticed and it resurfaced today. These are die-hard fans of the saga should be happy


Square Enix has been navigating Final Fantasy fans between nostalgia and novelty for the past few years. The JRPG series continues to move forward with Final Fantasy 14, but especially thanks to Final Fantasy 16, released a few days ago on PS5. At the same time, players relive the memories of the past, while enjoying much more modern gameplay, with FF7 Remake, whose Rebirth sequel is coming soon. Knowing the attachment of fans to PS1 episodes, Square Enix would like to revive another cult title: Final Fantasy 9. Even if nothing has been formalized for the moment, rumors are rife concerning FF9 Remake. The project is once again being talked about with a rumor akin to good news if we place ourselves on the side of nostalgic fans.

FF9 Remake should please fans of the first hour

Jeff Grubb, an often well-informed behind-the-scenes industry journalist, has repeatedly referred to FF9 Remake, certain that the project is well under development at Square Enix. “He is real,” he said then. But in the tumult of the Summer Game Fest, some of his information went unnoticed and is now strangely resurfacing. According to him, this remake will have neither the scope nor the ambition of FF7 Remake, but it will still be much more than a simple remaster. Clearly, this FF9 Remake would be between FF7 Crisis Core Reunion And FF7 Remake. Fans will be happy to hear that the JRPG is expected to retain the turn-based combat system with the signature ATB gauge from the PS1 episode. After strong criticism from some players about the action-oriented combat system of Final Fantasy 16this choice would please the most nostalgic.

Before igniting on the comments made by Jeff Grubb, it is still necessary to wait for Square Enix to officially announce FF9 Remake. The huge Nvidia leak of September 2021 does not leave much room for doubt, but caution is in order. In any case, Grubb’s comments alEsports Extraswith what has been said previously. For the moment, we do not really know on which media we will be able to find the charmer Djidane, even if the rumors run around a potential PS5 exclusivity. Or at least the lack of a Switch version. Can we expect news and an official announcement at the Tokyo Game Show? It seems extremely premature, but Final Fantasy fans like to dream.