FFX Remake: a big surprise in preparation? It becomes clear

ffx remake: a big surprise in preparation? it becomes clear

Tom Henry

FFX Remake: a big surprise in preparation? It becomes clear

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Lovers of the FINal Fantasy license would obviously not be at the end of their surprises. Square Enix would be determined to revisit its entire catalog, including FFX.

It will not have escaped anyone. Remakes have been popular in recent years. The publishers all go there with their little remaster or reinvention of their flagship games. Square Enix is ​​a past master in this art, not hesitating to bring its most popular productions of yesteryear up to date. The most glaring example obviously remains FF7 Remake which is at this stage its most ambitious and most successful project in this area. While its sequel ignited the Summer Game Fest 2023 scene yesterday, now a new rumor comes to play with fans’ small hearts. And it concerns one of the most popular titles of the saga: FFX.

FFX Remake is reportedly in development

Definitely, we never stop hearing about Final Fantasy. For a full week, FF7 Rebirth teased its move to Summer Game Fest 2023 with one unnamed banality statement per day. Fortunately, these bottomless messages gave way to a frenzied trailer teasing big changes compared to the original game. The Final Fantasy 7 rewrite and the different timelines theory are confirmed, but a lot of key information is overdue. Meanwhile, the rumors around FF9 Remake were getting bigger and bigger. Release period, combat system or simply the very existence of the project, the game seems more real than ever. And one of the sources who revived these rumors returns with an announcement more sensational than ever: something is brewing for the 25th anniversary of FFX.

It is still the indiser Im A Hero Too which is at the origin. His name may mean nothing to you and that’s normal. He surfaced on the Resetera forums a while ago by starting a rumor that is confirmed today: Persona 3 Remake and Persona 5T. If we can give him credit for that, his table being still almost blank, the following lines should be taken with great caution. This person indeed claims that a certain FFX Remake is in development. The game would be scheduled for the current 2026 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the most significant episode of the PS2.

Any other surprises in sight for the license?

He refuses to make any further comments around Final Fantasy 10 Remake and prefers to content himself with revealing its existence, also dodging questions around a potential FFX-3. According to its information, Square Enix has a total of two dozen games that will be released between 2023 and 2025. This also includes the famous FF Tactics Remaster as well as some “ smaller sequels/releases, plus 14 new content and a movie”. The feature film was precisely about the Final Fantasy license. In addition to FFX, another yet unrevealed/leaked game is also in the works. Suffice to say that fans of the license should enjoy themselves in the years to come.

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