Fiesling kills 3 players alone in Elden Ring, deceives them insidiously

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Since the Dark Souls series, multiplayer has been a favorite among the long-established Soulsborne community. Therefore, a number of fans are now celebrating the clip of a player who, thanks to a mean trick, was able to fool a whole group in Elden Ring PvP.

Elden Ring’s multiplayer features both co-op and PvP. Especially the latter stands out in comparison to other games.

  • Because there are no different modes, no real matchmaking or rankings. By and large, PvP works the same as in Dark Souls.
  • You can invade other players’ world and need to turn off the host.
  • You take the form of a red phantom.
  • However, the host can also call for help from co-op players themselves. In the worst case, the invading player has to come up alone against a whole group.

This is also the case for reddit user BobbyBuckets_69. But the player has used a nasty trick that is well known among PvP connoisseurs.

The actual fight lasted less than 15 seconds. Here’s how the attacker did it:

  • Instead of going offensively and directly against his opponents, he hid in a hard-to-see spot and just waited.
  • He also used a ring for camouflage, which made the intruder’s red form disappear. So he looked like a host or an NPC.
  • He then sat on a wooden beam a few feet above an elevator for 15 minutes.

The player obviously knew exactly where his group wanted to go. So he settled into the darkness and just waited until his target ran unsuspectingly into the elevator, accompanied by his two co-op players.

Now the hour of the assassin had come. He lunged off the beam at the players, using his dual greatsword’s Ashes of War ability and dismembering the utterly stunned group in no time.

With maneuvers like this, it can’t be useful to be able to estimate the fall damage in Elden Ring, so that nothing goes wrong with a jump.

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How the players react: In the comments, players celebrate how Bobby duped his victims. They also ask about the ring he used to make his red phantom aura disappear.

By the way, you can buy it from the twin maiden NPC at the Mercy Table for 1,000 runes. Another variant makes you look like a co-op player.

Otherwise, many of the players are interested in Elden Ring PvP. However, some are concerned about the level of difficulty. As SolarClipZ writes, “PvP sounds like fun in this game, but the game is so damn big and I take my time, so again I don’t have time to try it.”

However, numerous other community members counter that the PvP modes of the earlier FromSoftware games already have die-hard fans. Even several years after the release, you can still find an active PvP community in Dark Souls – if the servers don’t have to be taken offline because of hacking problems.

They describe similar stories in which they themselves were victims of such attacks or started such actions themselves.

But there are quite a few players who are rather deterred from PvP. Because especially as a newcomer, the game is already hard enough that you don’t have to bring PvP experts with hundreds of hours of Dark Souls experience into your own world to stomp you into the ground.

But what do you think of it? Have you already tried PvP in Elden Ring? What are your experiences? Or are you one of those people who like to forgo it and focus on solo or co-op sessions?

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