FIFA 22: FUT Birthday Team 2 is now live – with a completely insane card for Manuel Neuer

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In FIFA 22, FUT Birthday Team 2 is available now. We’ll show you what’s included here.

What is the FUT Birthday? This is the regular birthday event hosted in Ultimate Team. It brings new special cards – both as a team that you can pull from packs and in tasks and SBCs.

When is team 2 coming? Team is available in FUT since March 11, 7:00 p.m. It replaces the FUT Birthday Team 1 in the packs.

What makes the cards special? There are different upgrades for the players. Some get extra stars on their weak foot, others can look forward to a plus in skills. Also, they all get improved stats on their map.

FUT Birthday Team 2 – These cards are included

These are the FUT Birthday 2 players: The FUT Birthday Team 2 is damn strong and brings players like Dani Alves (93), Dybala (93) and Firmino (92) who get very heavy upgrades.

But above all Manuel Neuer’s card stands out. The keeper just got 5-star skills (and a total of 93). So if you’ve always wanted to dizzily trick your opponents with Bayern’s regular keeper, you can now do so.

There is also another exciting card with Silas from VfB Stuttgart, which could perhaps be a little cheaper.

FUT birthday team 2
The FUT Birthday Team 2
  • Dani Alves (93, 5 stars for Skills & Weakfoot)
  • New (93, 5 Star Skills)
  • Dybala (93, 5 stars Weakfoot)
  • Firmino (92, 5 stars weakfoot)
  • Fekir (90, 5 star skills)
  • Lucas Paqueta (90, 5 stars on both)
  • Sanchez (89, 5 star skills)
  • Silas (89, 5 stars Weakfoot)
  • Ndidi (88, 5 star skills)
  • Yuri Berchiche (88, 5 star skills)
  • Djuku (86, 5 star skills)

You can now pull these cards from the packs in FUT for a week. But always remember: The chance of getting top cards is very low.

This is also important in the event: Aside from the Team Cards and Tasks and SBCs, keep an eye out for the FUT Birthday Tokens. They will come out during the event.

You can collect these tokens in different places in FUT. If you have enough together, you can exchange them for exciting rewards.

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