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FIFA 23: 7 strong players under 25,000 coins to improve your team

Are you looking for improvements for your team in FIFA 23, but don’t want to invest a fortune in the absolute top cards? Then you will find cheap alternatives for Ultimate Team here.


What is this list? For more wins in Ultimate Team you need the strongest possible team, but the top players in FUT are expensive. Still, there are some good cards that you can get for less money.

After the big market crash in FIFA 23, many tickets are now significantly cheaper than when the game started and in the weeks that followed. This means that even strong players can now be had for fewer coins than before.


Here we are looking at cards that cost a maximum of 25,000 coins on the transfer market. These are players who may not be the absolute pinnacle of Ultimate Team, but can give many teams a decent step forward.

Since it can differ from team to team which cards are worthwhile, we have not focused on specific leagues, nationalities or positions, but primarily looked at strong values.


Here you will find 7 players who can be worthwhile. However, keep in mind that the transfer market is dynamic and prices can change.

Fikayo Tomori

FIFA 23 Tomori

Price: about 19,000 coins

This is what defines Tomori: Tomori was a highly coveted defender, especially at the launch of FIFA 23, peaking at over 90,000 coins. You can now get it much cheaper.

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And that can be worth it, because the AC Milan defender has brilliant defensive values ​​and a strong pace. It’s best to equip him with an Anchor style.


Incidentally, he also has a slightly better, but extremely expensive TOTW card. However, it recently cost some players coins.

Frenkie DeJong

FIFA 23 De Jong

Price: about 19,000 coins

This is what sets De Jong apart: De Jong went through a very similar price history to Tomori. When it comes to chemistry, the FC Barcelona player fits in LaLiga teams in particular and can score with strong values ​​for the center.


Armed with a Shadow style, you get a midfielder who is strong defensively but can also pull the strings offensively.

Antonio Rudiger

FIFA 23 Rudiger

Price: approx. 21,000 coins

This is what makes Rüdiger special: Speaking of LaLiga: Rüdiger cost around 150,000 coins 23 times at the start of FIFA, now only 21,000. Nevertheless, he should be a defensive reinforcement for many teams.


Similar to Tomori, Rüdiger offers the necessary speed and absolutely strong defensive and physical values. He can also play passes, but there are problems with shooting and dribbling. A “shadow” style can also be used here.

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Christopher Nkunku

FIFA 23 Nkunku

Price: approx. 12,250 coins

This is what defines Nkunku: Priced at over 160,000 coins, Nkunku was initially unaffordable, but is now at a comfortable 12,250 coins.

But even for the low price you get a great player with Nkunku: The attacker has a decent speed, but also very good dribbling values ​​and good stats on shots and passes. He also has the important 5-star skills, so he’s something for tricksters.


Use a Hunter and you get a versatile player who can convince especially on ZOM or MS, i.e. behind the tip, or on the wings if you move him to the outside in the game.

Ousmane Dembele

FIFA 23 Dembele

Price: about 8,500 coins

This is what sets Dembélé apart: Speaking of “what tricksters” – before the last patch, the main focus was on players with the “Lengthy” style, but now Explosive players are really strong again. No wonder, then, that Ousmane Dembélé’s return to the Meta was not long in coming.


The Frenchman has been a popular trickster in FIFA 23 for years, being able to wreak havoc on opponents on the wing. High speed and deadly dribbling skills make Dembélé dangerous. He already shines as a preparer – with a “finisher” style he can also be very dangerous himself.

By the way, you can find tips for gameplay after the patch here.

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Ferland Mendy

FIFA 23 Mendy

Price: approx. 18,750 coins

This is what sets Mendy apart: Let’s stick with the “old favourites”. Like Dembélé, Ferland Mendy is a player who performs better than his stats suggest. Despite the 83 overall rating, the Real Madrid full-back is a top choice at left flank.


With the “Architect” style he also gets the “Lengthy” attribute. This is no longer quite as effective on offense, but it is still a very good choice on defense.

Moise Kean

FIFA 23 Kean
FIFA 23 Kean

Price: about 12,500 coins

This is what sets Kean apart: Kean’s TOTW card is still relatively new to FUT, but has received a major upgrade from its gold version. From a 78 rating, Kean simply jumped 8 points to 86 – and so promptly became a really good option on the offensive.


High speed, good dribbling, strong shot and physique – Kean is a cheap striker who actually has everything you need. Especially with the Marksman style. Only the weak foot with 2 stars is actually not helpful.

By the way: In addition to the TOTW card, Kean also just got a POTM card as an SBC, which could be worthwhile.


What cards are you currently playing in the team? Tell us in the comments! Otherwise, the Black Friday event in FIFA 23 has begun.