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FIFA 23, analysis and opinions of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series and Stadia | 3D Games Reviews

New autumn, new FIFA. The football season has begun and the ball is rolling on real and virtual grass. We put on our team’s boots, ankle guards and jersey to hit the pitch. What does EA Sports have in hand with the new game of its star sports franchise? What is FIFA 23, procedure or a category FIFA?

The FIFA on duty is always the most disturbing analysis of the year for me. The virulence with which editors are attacked for giving their opinion each season and showing the defects and benefits of a product as indisputably complete as that of Electronic Arts It becomes a headache for many. Why? We are facing users who criticize FIFA without playing FIFA at the same time as users who criticize FIFA playing a whopping 200 to 400 hours of the market leading football simulator. Looking at the reception and comments on Monday’s preview, I don’t expect today to be any different, but whether or not it bothers some, FIFA 23 is far from being a bad video game and much further from being a bad product.

I already explained my fear in the first impressions a few days ago about going half throttle with the latest installment of FIFA on consoles. Although I do not think that FIFA 23 is a game of the greats of the series, has also more than fulfilled my expectations before the name change next year. There is room to hope that the premiere of EA Sports FC will be done in style next year 2024, but this situation has not stopped the developer from doing what it has to do: bring a new chapter to the height of the millions of users it has each year.

What are the main qualities of the new installment of FIFA? What makes FIFA 23 a more than honorable farewell to the name that has accompanied the license since the 16-bit era? Starts the match!

“Paco, pass me the calculator…”

We talked in the FIFA 23 preview that the pace is faster than in FIFA 22 and after multiplying the hours of play in recent days I can say yes. Hypermotion 2 may not have added all the visual improvements that you expected after such a bombastic name, but what it has done is give the game more randomness on the pitch that makes matches look more realistic than in previous editions. Accelerate is also a new feature that helps improve gameplay and should continue to be exploited in future releases. Too bad about the situations experienced in the first days with some tactical errors in the game, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed sooner rather than later.

FIFA 23 is the opposite of being a bad video gameI was struck by how little World Cup pampering there is in FIFA 23 despite being in a World Cup year, but it seems that EA Sports plans to update everything in the near future, so we will be attentive to what they have to announce. The FUT experience remains the star of the pack. Nevertheless, it’s hard to justify the gameplay given the overwhelming need some people have to spend money. Spoiler alert: played in moderation and without paying more than the game itself can also be fun and challenging. Are you frustrated with FUT and finding users willing to pay more money than you? There are many more game modes in which to unleash the competitiveness of FIFA 23! Pro and Volta clubs may not have been two very spoiled game modes in this installment, but they are, in themselves, two vital gaming experiences for the entire software suite.

FIFA 23 review

Also noteworthy are the new features in Career Mode and the challenge of turning your player into a world star. You already know how it goes: you start from the bottom, you make a hole in the eleven fulfilling objectives and living life, literally. Skill upgrades are matched with various rewards that will reinforce your player’s archetype. It seems to me that a great job has been done in the Manager field, with interesting novelties that enhance and expand the experience of previous years. It would be necessary to improve, for example, the interviews, which attract attention at first but end up being bland and empty as the weeks progress until it seems that they do not contribute much to your career.

“Busquets with the ball”


Visually there are more lights than shadows. The comparison of the FIFA saga with NBA 2K in the translation of real soccer players to their virtual namesakes is completely unfair: the number of leagues, teams and players in the soccer simulator multiplies the efforts of the king of virtual basketball by a lot. Covering so much, it seems unlikely that EA Sports can match the excellence of Visual Concepts in the current arena. However, the work with the footballers of the major leagues is exceptional. We have all the stadiums in the USAleague except Camp Nou, and although the presence of more humble fields in FIFA 23 is appreciated, it is unquestionable that the differences between the fields of the great and the modest ones are evident.

It’s not perfect, but I’m satisfiedI see a great improvement in the game casts that the grass suffers, which is constantly damaged by the players during the match with their harshest actions. The inclusion of new animations to the total software was highlighted a lot, but the reality is that it did not seem so much to me live. I don’t want to delve much deeper into the sound because it’s redundant: the Castilian adaptation deserves a better pampering given the volume handled by FIFA in USA. The selection of musical themes is at the level of the great installments of the saga and the work on the green, including the songs of the fans, have been captured with success and a good eye for the preferences of each fan.


It’s not perfect, but I’ve been satisfied with everything FIFA 23 has to offer so far. EA’s challenge to rise to the occasion makes me think of the overall feeling I get from so much delivery of FIFA: dispersion. There are so many fronts to attend to and so many elements to attack that they always end up disappointing someone no matter what EA Sports does. It is his punishment, but also his blessing. The important thing is that there is football for everyone in the new EA Sports game, and that any fan can find his place in the title is always welcome news, whether or not it’s the last time it’s called what it’s called. FIFA is dead, long live EA Sports FC!


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