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FIFA 23 brings top card at a ridiculous price, for many the best SBC of the year – this is how you get Bale

At the end of Gareth Bale’s career, EA released a card in FIFA 23 that is not only incredibly strong, but also dirt cheap. We introduce you to Bale’s new special card and show you how to get the Welsh legend on your team.


What is this card? The new Bale card is an end-of-an-era card that celebrates the career of Gareth Bale and has now come out at the end of his professional career.

Bale has extremely strong stats and should add value to any team in FUT, even if he doesn’t make the top XI for chemistry reasons.


This is what makes the card so powerful: Bale is versatile and can be used as a left-back in addition to the right wing and midfield, which is reminiscent of his beginnings as a professional footballer. It impresses with outstanding values, where it is really difficult to find a weak point.

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Bale is extremely fast, has incredible shooting values, is extremely strong at dribbling and has passing values ​​that could hardly be better. In addition, the card has very strong physical stats and can convince with 4 stars for skill moves and weak foot.

However, there is one problem that the grandiose stats cannot fix: its linkability. It’s not that easy to bring a Welshman from Major League Soccer to full chemistry. But even if you don’t have any other Welsh or US league players on the team, Bale is a must-have.

Bale offers incredibly strong stats.

Because even if you send him off the bench onto the field, Bale should be an extremely dangerous weapon on the virtual soccer field. With its endgame stats, the card should always be good for a goal, a deadly pass or one or the other free kick.

How much does the card cost: The price of the Bale SBC is currently at a relatively cheap 113,000 coins.

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The community is amazed at the card and some suspect a pricing error

This is what the community says about the Bale SBC: The FIFA community is excited about the new Bale card. They gave the SBC (Squad Building Challenge) at futbin a positive rating of 97%.

In the FIFA subreddit, even some fans think this must be a pricing error. We have summarized a few exciting comments for you:

  • reznovelty: “I can’t wait to use him at left-back like in the good old days.”
  • kebaa: “A fantastic price! His 91 card was strong and I’m sure this one will be a real beast too. The only problem is that it’s a bit difficult to link.”
  • electionnerd2913: “Insane value. Maybe the best SBC of the year.”
  • zephyrr-: “The price is a win and LV as an alternate position is a nice touch.”
  • EdgePunk311: “I immediately completed the SBC in case the prerequisites were an error. Dirt cheap for a ’93 card. I don’t care about the chemistry.”
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This is how you get EOAE-Bale on your team

You have to do this: To get the strong Bale card into your team, you have to solve 2 SBC tasks. You have to hand in an 83 and an 85 team.

You have until February 15th.


This is how you solve task 1:

These cards cost you around 24,000 coins. Source: futbin

This is how you solve task 2:

These cards will cost you around 88,000 coins. Source: futbin

What do you say about the card? Are you getting Gareth Bale in your Ultimate Team? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

And if you’re looking for some more powerful cards, check out the Team of the Year event that’s running right now. Unfortunately, these cards are not as cheap as Gareth Bale’s new special card.


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